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Therapeutic work for families with infants

Therapeutic work for families with infants supports and takes care of expecting families or families with children under the age of 1, when starting the work in which there are possible issues with interaction with the infant. You can apply for therapeutic work for families with infants in the 20th pregnancy week, at the earliest. It is not possible to enrol earlier.

Pregnancy and birth often bring about unexpected, large changes. The new mother or the father may experience insecurities, worry, anxiety or depression during the pregnancy or after the baby is born. The infant may cry a lot or be restless or difficult to calm down, or have difficulties with sleeping and eating. The life of the family and everyday survival in this new situation may become more difficult, due to several reasons.

A varied psychotherapeutic work stemming from the family's needs is carried out during the appointments for families with infants. The purpose is to reinforce parenthood and support the interaction between the parent and the infant, as well as the favourable development of the infant. The parents have the chance to work on their parenthood and their relationship with the infant, their partner and other loved ones.

Work methods include mother-infant and father-infant meetings, couple and family meetings and network meetings. If necessary, home visits will be carried out. Parent-infant groups are arranged as often as possible.

You can apply for service via the Social guidance for families with children, tel. 09 3101 5454 on weekdays 9-12, and the electronic 'Need help?' button, which you can find on the page The Swedish telephone service is on Mondays 9-12.

The services are free of charge for the customers.


Therapeutic work for families with infants is intended for expecting families and for families with a child under the age on one year, when the worries concerning the birth of the infant and the following months are reflected in the parenthood and the relationship between the parent and the infant. The assistance of the reception for families with infants is necessary, when the support by loved ones or the maternity clinic and other basic services in no longer sufficient.

A parent's substance abuse or an acute domestic violence problem is an obstacle to the therapeutic work.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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Finnish, Swedish, English

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