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Informal carer coaching (Elderly)

The objective of informal carer coaching is to support the caring capabilities of a person about to become an informal carer.

The coaching may focus on matters such as the informal carer's position and well-being, as well as questions related to the co-operation between the municipality and the carer and, on the other hand, questions related to the basics of assistance and care work. The coaching can be utilised to improve the quality of the care work and ensure that informal carers implement modes of operation that maintain and promote the care recipients' ability to function.

Coaching courses for people over 65 years of age are held at informal care activity centres. The courses provide information about services for informal care families, the informal carer's well-being, problem-free everyday life, nutrition, brain health and exercise. Additionally, participants get to meet new people with whom they can share experiences and exchange thoughts. Coaching courses are held in all four activity centres twice a year. You can sign up through an activity centre.

The municipality's task is to arrange the coaching, whereby the coaching can be realised by another operator, such as an organisation.


The municipality's obligation to arrange coaching concerns informal carers who have made an informal care agreement, and the coaching is primarily targeted towards new informal carers.

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