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Crisis accommodation

Temporary housing is a part of the social welfare's housing services. It's based on the Social Welfare Act. Temporary housing is organised for clients who need short term and urgent help with the housing situation.

Temporary housing usually lasts between 1 and 3 months. If no other housing solution is available, an assessment is made to identify whether the client meets the criteria for being granted temporary housing.

Temporary housing is organised as a purchased service in apartments owned by Luona Oy and Pääkaupunkiseudun turvakoti ry. The City of Helsinki also has apartments for temporary housing at different locations.

The temporary housing service is applied for via the local adult social work service units that are operating under social services. A local social instructor or a social worker will assess a client's need for service together with the client and they will draft a proposition for the work group for temporary housing, which meets twice per week.

During the period of temporary housing we will look for subleased housing or a permanent rental apartment together with the client.

Living in temporary housing is a form of independent living. If the client has a rental debt, we will help to make a payment plan for paying the debt. Temporary housing is not provided for clients suffering from acute substance abuse problems and/or mental health issues.


The clients of temporary housing are also clients of adult social work. The service is free of charge for the client. Temporary housing organised by the city is based on a rental contract and in this case the client must pay rent for the housing.

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