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Street-based social work

Street-based social work takes place on streets, in shopping and community centers as well as in other public spaces. It offers assistance to people in need of help and guides them to the right services. Street-based social work is mainly focused on working with people living on the streets and those outside the reach of services.

Street-based social work pays attention to various phenomena in the area, listens to the concerned messages of local residents and operators, and communicates with the area's networks. It operates in the whole of Helsinki: every four compass points has its own pair of social instructors. Street-based social work is mainly available during office hours.

Street-based social work requires making quick situational evaluations in street conditions, and prioritizing the matters to be dealt with by discussing and planning them with the client. Additionally, street-based social work ensures that the services provided take the client's best interests into account; they will be able to express their needs, be treated with respect and receive the services to which they are entitled.


Street-based social work is for everyone in need of assistance.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

Related service points and contact information:


Social Services and Health Care Division

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