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Workshop activities at the Uusix workshops

The workshops have their own supervisors and workshop directors, who guide the employees individually, while taking into account their personal skill levels and conditions. Starting work in a workshop is not dependent on any skills: beginners and experienced workers make products, based on their competence, and everyone is considered as an individual.

In addition to workshop activities, the Uusix workshops offer several services that promote the empowerment of an individual and the development of a person's capabilities of work life. Those working at Uusix workshops have access to, among others, special social workers and rehabilitation counsellors. In addition, the participants can also participate in IT courses, which support achieving employment. Immigrants also have the opportunity to participate in Finnish language education, either at a beginner's course or advanced course, based on their skill level.

An essential part of workshop activities are shared events, visits and excursions. The workshop participants visit museums, exhibitions, various workplaces, etc. Mölkky game tournaments and dart competitions, as well as other activities, are also arranged in the Uusix workshops.


The service is intended for the customers of Supported employment and Social Services.

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