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Hiring Spaces in the Service Centres

Service Centres hire out their spaces to external parties, for group or meeting usage, for example, as well as for public and private events.

The spaces are hired out during the Service Centres' opening hours, as well as in evenings and at weekends, depending on the Service Centre.

The spaces are designed for a range of different purposes, accordingly, they are of different sizes and fitted with different kinds of equipment. Some include technology for meetings, whilst others have equipment such as induction loops, grand pianos, upright pianos, and kitchens or other coffee-making facilities.

Most Service Centres provide the City of Helsinki's wireless internet connection.

The spaces can be used free-of-charge if the activity in question is considered to support the operations the Social Services and Health Care Division or if it is an open public event, for example. A fee will be charged for use of the space if the party making the booking is a commercial operator, an entry fee will be charged to the event, or the event is to be private. Whether or not a fee will be charged is decided on a case-by-case basis.

Hire practices are Service Centre specific.

Spaces are available for hire at Kamppi, Kinapori, Töölö, Kontula, Roihuvuori, Syystie and Riistavuori Service Centres.


This service is intended for all, regardless of home municipality, but primarily for Helsinki residents.

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