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Oral health care for school children

Regardless of where they live, the pupils of comprehensive schools in Helsinki are invited to an oral and dental health check-up either with a dental hygienist or dentist in accordance with their personal check-up schedule. If necessary, the dental hygienist shall refer the child for further treatment by a dentist.

All pupils in grades 1 and 5 are invited to a check-up with a dental hygienist and all pupils in grades 3 and 8 are invited to a check-up with a dentist.

If a pupil experiences toothache, suffers a dental injury or exhibits other symptoms requiring urgent care, the guardian may book an appointment for the pupil through appointment booking.

The centralised booking for oral healthcare is available Mon-Thu 7-18 and Fri 7-15, tel. 09 310 51400.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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