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Psychotherapy treats psychological, i.e. mental health-related, problems by means of psychology. When successful, psychotherapy provides the patient with tools for solving psychological problems and processing difficult thoughts. It helps create new thought patterns and modes of operation and solve problems in the patient's relationships.

There are various forms of psychotherapy. At the centre of the procedures are discussions with a therapist. Some forms of psychotherapy can utilise means such as art. The therapy can be short-term or long-term, and it is available for individuals and groups alike.

Psychotherapy is provided by public health care services and private service providers. Kela may reimburse the patient for psychotherapy purchased from a private operator with a doctor's referral.

You can enquire about access to psychotherapy from your care provider, your local health station or the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic.


The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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