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Maternity clinic

We support the health and well-being of pregnant mothers, foetuses and newborn babies. We help parents prepare for childbirth and parenthood and support the overall health and well-being of the family.

During your pregnancy, we offer you about 10 appointments with a public health nurse, and two with a doctor. The number of visits may vary depending on your individual needs. You can decide among the family who is to accompany you to the appointments.

The nurse will carry out health examinations to monitor and examine your blood pressure, haemoglobin level, weight, any swelling or presence of sugar and protein in the urine. The nurse will also check the position, heartbeat and movement of the foetus. We will discuss your well-being and that of the family and any concerns you may have.

We carry out a medical examination to determine illnesses, medications or other factors that may affect the course of the pregnancy. Additional medical examinations may be carried out if you have a long-term illness, for example.

The service is free of charge.


The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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