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Crisis housing for those with developmental disabilities

Crisis housing for those with developmental disabilities offers help in situations where basic services and other support methods are not sufficient, and the client has several simultaneous challenges i life, such as

- problems in housing, day and work activities or in studies
- mental problems e.g. depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder
- challenges in behaviour
- problems with circadian rhythm, sleeping disorder

The crisis housing period starts with a meeting in which the client's situation and the objectives of the period is discussed. The function of the meeting is to give everyone a mutual impression of the situation and help find the client an individual support in the crisis. If needed, intermediate assessments are done during the period, and in the end a concluding evaluation where the realisation of the goals are discussed and the plans for the follow-up plans made.

- clear daily programme
- follow-up of symptoms
- assessment and follow-up of medication

Crisis housing is offered at Aurinkolahti group home.

The service is applied for via the social worker of the social work services for the disabled of the customer's own residential area.


The service is intended for residents of Helsinki with developmental disabilities.

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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