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Supported housing for intellectually disabled

A service plan and a support or guidance plan are written for the customers living in supported housing units, and a decision is made on the housing support services. The service plan is revised as necessary, and the support and guidance plan every year or more often, if necessary.

The customer must be willing to receive housing support services.

The need for support of the disabled usually continues at some level throughout their life, but residents of supported housing units are supported to manage as independently as possible.

Housing support services are available through group homes, with help from social guidance or a support housing unit employee. Virtual support is also available, where the employee is contacted using a tablet computer.

To apply for supported housing, the customer and social worker must fill in the SAS evaluation and prepare a service plan.

The customer may need support on one or more areas:
- organising meals
- maintaining the home (cleaning, laundry, etc.)
- personal hygiene
- healthcare and medication
- running errands (groceries, dealing with authorities)
- organising daytime activities (studying, work and day activities, supported work, volunteer work)
- financial matters, financial coping, taking care of finances
- recreational activities and social relationships.


People applying for supported housing services must be residents of Helsinki who are no less than 18 years old, and they must be a person or couple in need of support, at least one of whom has a developmental disability.

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