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Housing trial for the disabled

A customer can receive guidance for learning the skills required for independent living through the housing trial. The duration of the trial is always separately agreed upon, usually from two weeks to two months. The intention of the housing trial is to figure out the customer's resources and realistic skills for independent living, and thereby to find out which form of living would be suitable for them in the future.

The housing trial is sought through the social worker from the Developmental Disabilities Services by filling in the SAS form. The SAS team makes the decisions on the housing trials. When arriving to the housing trial, the customer must have a place to go back to after the trial period.


The housing trial apartments are fully equipped. The customer only needs their personal effects, such as medication, clothes, and personal hygiene items. They must have sufficient funds for groceries, for example.

During the housing trial, the customer and instructor will together perform chores related to independent living, such as cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping.

Living in the housing trial apartment is free of charge, as is the use of the laundry room and sauna.


During the final stages of the housing trial or immediately after it ends, a closing conversation is arranged on how the trial went, considering the initial objectives. A summary is written on the trial. In addition to the customer and instructor of the housing group, a family member or friend of the customer and a social worker will attend the closing conversation.

An initial interview is organised before the start of the housing trial for the instructor responsible for the housing trial, the customer, and a person who knows the customer well to discuss the objectives of the trial period and the resources of the customer. During the meeting, the support visit schedule for the trial period is also prepared. The customer must commit to the support visit schedule and to receive support. The Rudolf housing group instructors will carry out the support and evaluation of the housing trial.

The housing trial is organised at the Rudolf housing group.


Service is available for citizens of Helsinki.

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