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Schoolchildren activities in playgrounds

The environment is designed for children's outdoor activities, giving children an opportunity to play and be physically active as they please. Children are insured during the playground activities. Playground activities for schoolchildren are mainly arranged in Finnish. All children are welcome to participate in the activities.

The playground staff, social instructors and instructors, are trained in education or social services and health care. At the playground, the instructors ensure the safety of the children and the activity environment.

The daily activities begin after the child has completed their schoolwork and end at 16.00 or 16.30.

Children must register for playgrounds' instructed activities. The activities are free of charge.

The registration period for activities in the autumn begins in March. Registration will be open for the entire duration of the activity period.

Instructed activities will be organised both indoors and outdoors. The activities are varied, based on play, exercise, arts and cultural heritage, and facilitate positive learning experiences. At the playground, children are active participants; the planning and the implementation of the activities are based on children's wishes and needs.

Children can take part in the activities on a daily or irregular basis. The guardian must notify the playground of the child's absences, the time at which the child will leave and whether the child will go home independently. If the child does not come to the playground as agreed or leaves during the activity time without notifying the staff, we will notify the guardian.


The activities are intended for primary school pupils. The playground activities for schoolchildren are organised as open early childhood education and care in accordance with the City of Helsinki's curriculum for early childhood education and care.

Registration for instructed activities and a snack subject to a fee or registration for instructed activities (children can have their own snacks at the playground). The snack fee is €36.10/month. Guardians can apply for an exemption from the snack fee.

Registration for activities in the autumn begins on 22 March. Registration will be open for the entire duration of the activity period.

During school holidays, playgrounds will organise instructed holiday activities and free-of-charge day camps.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English


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