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Afternoon activities at schools

The afternoon activities of comprehensive education are organized at schools or at suitable nearby facilities. Activities are organized by schools, non-profit organizations, parishes and private organizers. Children receive a snack during the activities. Activities are organized at about 200 locations. Each location employs a supervisor in charge of the local activities, and additional supervisors are employed as required by the number of children and the facilities.

Afternoon activities promote the mutual relationships of the participating children and their school wellbeing, and the activities support school work.

Activities are organized during the school year. Each participating child is provided no less than 760 hours of activities during the school year regardless of the organizer of the activities. Daily activities begin as school work ends, and the activities end at 16: 00 or 17: 00 depending on the organizer of the activities. There are no activities during school breaks and holidays and on Saturday school days.


For first and second year comprehensive school pupils and for pupils in need of special support. Children are admitted to afternoon activities for one school year at a time.

Afternoon activities are not available during school holidays or on exceptional school days falling on Saturdays.

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