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Psychiatric family care

Patients with long-term disorders are treated and rehabilitated in a home-like environment in psychiatric family care.

Family care offers treatment and rehabilitation for long-term psychiatric rehabilitation patients in a home-like environment. The total number of residents is 45. 43 of them are in family care homes and two live independently under family care.

The family care homes are located in the eastern Uusimaa region. The family caregivers are people who have signed an agreement with the City of Helsinki, and have reserved rooms in their home, or more commonly, facilities in a separate building on the same plot, for the residents.

The family care staff visit the family care homes every week, and are responsible for the psychiatric special care support of the residents, and for the guidance of the work of the family caregivers. Functional groups and excursions are also organised for the residents. The two customers living independently live in Nikkilä village centre with the family care staff supporting them.


Age: over 18.

The service is intended for residents of Helsinki.
The patients require a referral for family care. The staff will interview the potential residents, and the SAS (placement and evaluation) working group will select the residents.
The service is subject to a fee.

Family care is a 24-hour service.

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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