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Emergency medical service

Emergency medical services are responsible for evaluating the state of a patient who has fallen ill or been injured suddenly and for their emergency medical care on the scene, as well as for transporting the patient to an emergency centre of health care services, when necessary. The objective of emergency medical services is to provide treatment, which saves the patient's life or prevents their injury from getting worse, outside a hospital. An ambulance providing emergency medical care can be called to the scene by calling the emergency number 112. The risk assessment is carried out by the emergency response centre, which will call an ambulance to the scene.

The duties of the emergency medical service also include the maintenance and development of disaster preparedness and preparing for exceptional conditions.

First response is part of emergency medical services. As a first response, a fire engine or ambulance in emergency medical care preparedness will first be called for the patient, if the ambulance best suited to the task is not available.

The assignments of emergency medical service are divided into four categories (A-D), based on their urgency. The categories A-C are urgent emergency medical care assignments, which are the responsibility of the Rescue Department. The D category assignments are non-urgent, where the patient must be reached within two hours.

The Rescue Department produces the emergency medical services in Helsinki, in cooperation with the hospital district of Helsinki and Uusimaa. A private service provider, Med Group Oy, is in charge of the non-urgent emergency medical care assignments.

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