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Certificates and statements at Helsinki health stations

What certificates and statements can be prepared at health stations?

Some certificates and statements with legal status can be prepared at health stations, such as:

- Certificates concerning sickness insurance benefits (for Kela)
- Proof of incapacity to work for employers
- Driving license certificates
- Certificates relating to compulsory military service
- Certificates intended for educational institutions

At the request of social services professionals, certificates that require the evaluation of a healthcare professional and which concern the state of a patient's health can be provided.

There is a charge for certificates not related to the treatment of an illness, and the majority of statements. Certificates can be provided in Finnish and Swedish.

What should I do if I need a certificate or statement?

1) Make sure you know what it is for and what kind of statement or certificate you need.
2) Contact a health station nurse. The nurse will evaluate the treatment and need for a certificate, and give you further instructions.
3) The nurse will give you an appointment if necessary.
4) Bring the required information, e.g. filled in forms, with you to the appointment.

At health stations, patients are treated in order of medical urgency. Providing certificates is not generally an urgent matter, except in the case of certificates concerning sudden illness.

What certificates and statements cannot be prepared at health stations?

Certificates and statements relating to hobbies, competitions, or travel cannot be prepared at health stations.

Customers who suffer from mild food substance allergies or lactose intolerance do not require separate examinations or certificates regarding their condition. Exercising caution at mealtimes is sufficient.

In the case of severe food allergies, a specialist in allergology will prepare the necessary certificates.

Other certificates can be enquired about at private health services.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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