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Submitting a notification of suspected food poisoning

If you have eaten in Helsinki-based food facility or bought foodstuffs in Helsinki and suspect that you might have contracted food poisoning after consumption, you can report your food poisoning to the food safety department of the City environment sector's Food Safety unit, which is in charge of investigating food poisoning issues. The notification is made through the Ilppa-system, from which it is directed only to the inspector of the food establishment. If necessary, the inspector requests additional information and gives operating instructions. Ilppa-system´s web address:

Consumer: make a notification if you suspect that the food or drink you ate caused you symptoms of food poisoning, an allergic reaction or other harm. You should also give feedback directly to the company. Ilppa-system´s web address:

Business operator: make a notification if the food you sell or serve is suspected to have caused food poisoning, an allergic reaction or other harm. Ilppa-system´s web address:

Business operator: You will find the notification forms here.

Contact information for food control authority of the City of Helsinki:

The Poison Information Centre gives emergency assistance in matters concerning overdoses of medication as well as poisonings due to plants, mushrooms and techno-chemical products, tel: 09 471 977 (direct), 09 4711 (exchange).

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