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Wastewater, exemptions from the treatment requirements for domestic wastewater

The treatment requirements for wastewater apply to pieces of real estate that have not been connected to the public wastewater sewer and which produce wastewater.

It is possible for elderly residents and residents in difficult life situations to receive an exemption from the wastewater treatment requirements presented in the Government Decree on Treating Domestic Wastewater in Areas Outside Sewer Networksdecree.

Pieces of real estates where the owner or owners who live in the property permanently turned 68 years of age before 9 March 2011, are exempt from the treatment requirement without a separate application.

Others who may be eligible for an exemption are people in a difficult life situation (for example, unemployed people or people with a long-term illness), who would have unreasonable difficulties redeveloping or renewing the treatment system.

The exemption is applied for from the
City environment sector's Environment services. The exemption can only be granted if the wastewater treatment at the plot has been arranged so that it does not cause a risk of environmental pollution.

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