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Civil defence shelters

A civil defence shelter is a space or building that protects people against armed attacks, collapsed buildings, ionising radiation and toxic substances. The civil defence shelters are mainly intended for situations where military force is used.

Building-specific civil defence shelters, i.e. household shelters, are the basis for protection in Helsinki. In addition to building, company and institution specific shelters, shelters have also been built into the bedrock of Helsinki. In Helsinki, the bedrock shelters are either public or shared civil defence shelters. The public civil defence shelters are built by the City of Helsinki and they are intended for people who live in the city or work or stay there and for people outdoors, who cannot otherwise be provided with sufficient shelter.

In several areas in Helsinki, bedrock shelters intended for shared use have also been built. They are intended for the residents and employees of properties that participated in the building of these shelters.

Under normal conditions, bedrock shelters are in use, for example, as sports and recreation premises and as parking facilities. Additionally, the metro stations in the city centre have been equipped to act as civil defence shelters.

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