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Play park activities for families with a baby

After the birth of a baby, play parks and family houses organise activities for families with a baby as a continuation of maternity and child health clinic family coaching, for first time parents resident in Helsinki. There are four coaching topics, which feature the same content at all locations.

The topics are:
- Being with the baby - what is early interaction?
- Coping with everyday life, being a parent
- The baby's daily rhythm and sleeping rhythm
- Services for families with children: day care and dental care introduction twice a year.

The activities are free of charge and voluntary for families.

Participants can choose to attend all or just some of the activities, and they can be attended in any order and at any location. Please register with the relevant venue by email or phone at the latest one day before the event.


Families resident in Helsinki and who have a baby

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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