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The duties of veterinarians of Urban Environment Division include the protection of Helsinki-based animals, prevention of animal diseases and organising care for stray animals.

In addition to this, the Urban Environment Division's municipal veterinarians take care of the monitoring of pet shops, stables and other animal facilities and compile the animals' official health certificates necessary for export. The veterinarians are also responsible for monitoring the factories of meat, fish and dairy industry.

Animal healthcare and treatment is purchased from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Stray animals are cared for at the Viikki animal shelter Löytöeläintalo.

Animal protection advice, Export certifications for animals, Issues concerning the import of animals

Phone hours Mon - Fri 9 - 10 am, tel. 09 310 31531

Export certification of foodstuffs and food stuff control

Tel. 09 310 31585, 09 310 31584, 09 310 31598

Open Mon-Fri 09-10.

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Finnish, Swedish, English

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