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Assisted living for the elderly

For assisted living, a personal care and service plan will be prepared together with the client, which defines the services the individual client needs. The services available include meals, clothing care, cleaning, security, recreational activities, assistance with running errands, basic care and health care or treatment of illnesses.

Rent, a basic fee, a meal fee and a service charge for the individually agreed services will be charged to clients of long-term sheltered housing. The fees are defined based on the client's services.

Long-term 24-hour assisted living is arranged for elderly residents of Helsinki at the Kinapori, Kontula, Riistavuori, Roihuvuori, Syystie and Töölö senior centres as well as at the Hopeatie, Itäkeskus, Kannelmäki, Madetoja, Munkkiniemi, Rudolf, Puistola and Vuorensyrjä service homes. Long-term 24-hour assisted living is also arranged at the service homes of private service providers as a purchased service and via a service voucher.


The aim is to primarily arrange the necessary care in the client's private home with the help of home care and other non-institutional services. A place in 24-hour care cannot be granted if the client has not been using varied non-institutional services.

In order to define the fees, the client must provide information concerning their income and assets.

The service is intended for the elderly and for those under 65 with multiple illnesses.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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