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Pilke groups at Service Centres

Pilke groups are groups for pensioners who use intoxicants. The purpose of the groups is not to change participants' lifestyles, and participants can attend the group as they are.

Pilke groups provide support and help with everyday life, everyday things to do, friendship, and activities. The group starts with a free breakfast and a listening round. Other activities are planned based on what the group wants. The programme can include, for example, free discussion, quizzes, discussing and rating music, handicrafts or excursions.

Pilke groups meet once a week, with each meeting lasting 1.5-2 hours.

Please register with the Pilke instructor before attending your first meeting.
Pilke groups are available through Itäkeskus, Kamppi, Kannelmäki, Kinapori, Kontula, Koskela, Kustaankartano, Munkkiniemi, Myllypuro, Pohjois-Haaga, Riistavuori, Siltamäki, Syystie and Töölö Service Centres / Service Centre Activities.


This service is intended for residents of Helsinki who are retired and are using or have used intoxicants.
Those participating in the activities must have a valid Service Centre Card.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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