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Post-adoption services

The need to look into adoption-related issues may arise later in life, sometimes as early as youth and sometimes even decades after the adoption took place.

Post-adoption services are offered to adoptees, birth parents, the adoptee's guardian and the adoptee's descendants. Documents related to adoption are stored in an archive for 100 years.

For the purpose of post-adoption services, a social worker orders the adoption file from the archive, after which a meeting is scheduled so that the interested party can study the documents. Matters related to the adoption may also be discussed during the meeting. The social worker may also help the interested party in contacting potential biological relatives.


Post-adoption services are offered for those adopted in Finland and whose adoption process the Helsinki Social Services Department has taken care of and also for those adopted from abroad whose process Helsinki Adoption Service has taken care of.

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Finnish, Swedish, English

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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