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Supported and Peer Support Groups at Service Centres

If you find going alone to a hobby or sports group difficult, ask at your local Service Centre to find out what kinds of supported groups are available at the centres.

Service Centres also host peer support groups, providing support for people in similar life situations.

Supported groups:
Supported groups have more instructors, allowing them to spend more time with you during group activities. Instructors can also, if necessary, provide reminders about the group or help you with booking a transport benefit taxi.

Supported groups are suitable for those who have difficulty getting about or memory disorders, for example.

Peer support groups:
Peer support groups are provided for example for pensioners who are:
- experiencing problems with alcohol
- experiencing depression, sadness or loneliness
- experiencing memory disorders
- acting as informal carers.

You can apply to join a supported group or peer support group by contacting your local Service Centre's social care worker. We can work out together which group would be best for you. Peer groups are led either by a Service Centre instructor or a volunteer.

This service is available at all Service Centres.


This service is intended for Helsinki residents who are retired or unemployed.
Those participating in the activities must have a valid Service Centre Card.

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