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Toukolakoti offers housing in rooms for one to two people, which are equipped with basic furniture. Housing in an individual room is only possible after living in a room for two for a while. The duration of the housing periods are about one year.

Toukolakoti supports the customers with living an intoxicant-free and responsible life and helps them to find the outpatient services that best suit their needs. The residents have the opportunity to have personal discussions with the staff of Toukolakoti. Once a week the residents and the employees have a meeting together.

One senior instructor and two social care workers work in Toukolakoti. The residents and staff together create the atmosphere in Toukolakoti, which encourages a substance-free life and acceptance.


When moving into Toukolakoti, the resident commits to its rules. Use of intoxicants, failure to return from a holiday or violent behaviour lead to the termination of the residence agreement.

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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