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Placement process in children's foster care

Children come to a foster home based on a request made by child welfare services, emergency social services or a social worker from emergency social services. Placement is usually reserved by phone. The on-call nature of a foster home means that children may arrive at the foster home based on an emergency at any time of the day. Children often arrive at the foster home on short notice as a result of an acute crisis situation.

Each child is provided with a personal nurse. The personal nurse is tasked with getting to know the child's situation and taking care of practical matters, such as the handling and organisation of matters related to child health clinic visits and day care/school. The personal nurse also in his or her part takes care of contacting the child's immediate family and the authorities, and the child's parents and other close relatives are directed to primarily contact the child's personal nurse.

An arrival negotiation is arranged as soon as possible following the arrival of the child at the ward. The negotiation is attended by the child's parents, the area's social worker, a social worker from the foster home and the personal nurse, a senior nurse or some other nurse from the ward. The arrival negotiation consists of a review of the child's and the family's situation and the preparation of follow-up plans. If a decision is made to continue the child's foster care, the parties agree upon the objectives of the care and future meetings. Negotiations are typically held once a month, but at the beginning of foster care and in crisis situations negotiations can be held more frequently as necessary. If the child is assessed to need long-term foster care (several weeks) or if it is deemed necessary during short-term foster care, an appointment is booked for the child for a paediatric arrival examination at the Social Pediatrics Outpatient Clinic of HUS Children's Hospital.

The institution prepares a written document and an evaluation summary of the child and parenthood for all placements that last over two weeks. The evaluation summary is to be prepared within three months of the child's placement.


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