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Student health care questionnaire

Needs for student health examinations and their urgency are determined with health questionnaires fulfilled by students at the beginning of their studies and with a review of earlier student health information. Students receive the questionnaires once their admittance to an educational institution has been confirmed or after the studies begin. The questionnaires survey the students' condition of health, health habits and matters related to studies and human relations. The health questionnaires are used to assess the urgency of health examinations.

Health examinations for first-year students can be regarded as age group or life situation controls, because many such mental health problems worsen at this stage that can lead to social exclusion and early retirement. It is important to detect serious depression, withdrawal from social contacts and thinking disorders. It is vital to recognize and intervene in bullying.

The purpose of the health questionnaires is also to encourage students to reflect on factors affecting their health from a broad perspective and to realize how they can promote their health and wellbeing. The questionnaires provide students with an easy opportunity to seek help from health care professionals.



Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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