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Health examinations in student health care

The goal of health examinations in student health care is to promote student health and wellbeing. Young people are guided to make health-promoting choices, and young people are assisted to become independent. Health examinations are used to assess students' bilities to study and their life situations, self-esteem, resources and sense of responsibility for their own health. As necessary, the students' motivation, risks, willingness for change and obstacles for change are assessed more extensively. It is important in student health care to recognize those students who need special support and to refer them to necessary support functions during studies.

Students' abilities to study can be affected by
- Mental problems and substance abuse
- Social problems
- Relocation to another community
- Long-term illness
- Bullying
- Learning difficulties

Others who may need support
- Immigrants and international students
- Students in retraining
- Students who have resumed studies after long periods of time
- Students with families
- Students who also work

The goals of student health examinations are
- to assess together with students their life situations, habits, social networks and how the studies fit into their overall wellbeing
- to support and to strengthen students' resources
- to recognize risks involved in students' habits and to give guidance and information to reduce those risks
- to assess students' health from the point of view of their studies
- to recognize students in danger of social exclusion
- to refer students to necessary services if such problems are detected that threaten or impede their functional capacity
- to define needs for birth control and sexual health information
- to plan possible needs for monitoring, care and rehabilitation in case of chronical diseases
- to define rehabilitation and support activities for special needs students together with their educational institutions and other actors
- to assess needs for further appointments
- to inform students about services provided by student health care.

Student health examinations are used to assess students' health in terms of their success in studies. In addition to regular health examinations for the entire age group, services are targeted at those students who need more professional help or guidance by student health care professionals.

Needs for possible support are defined for students who do not attend health examinations.

Students with appointments to health examinations are reminded about their appointments by text messages 48 hours earlier, requesting them to arrive at the confirmed time. The text message reminders include the nurse's contact information for possible cancellations and re-bookings.

The situations of students who fail to attend health examinations are always assessed case by case and from a broad perspective, in order to form a full understanding of their overall life situations and to define the reasons why they fail to keep their appointments. If these students are under 18 years of age, their parents are always contacted in case there is reason for concern.



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