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Health examinations in school health care, 9th grade

Health examinations conducted by nurses comprise assessments of student health, growth and wellbeing and follow-up of earlier assessments. Nurses assess student wellbeing and living conditions by discussing with students their moods, adjustment to studies and to everyday life, and social contacts. They observe student strengths and resources, and they discuss matters typical of the age group including sexual health, questions concerning relations with the opposite sex, possible experiments with drugs and alcohol, and drug and alcohol use.

Nurses examine the students' physical wellbeing. They measure the students' height and weight, assess growth and conduct interviews assessing possible physical or developmental problems; as necessary nurses consult doctors. It is important that the health examinations are conducted with view to further studies. Nurses check the students' vaccinations, vaccinate them as necessary and issue vaccination cards to the students. Nurses update student health and wellbeing plans and make further plans to promote student health and functional capacity. They note down matters not completed in the transition to upper grades and contact parents regarding matters to be monitored.



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Finnish, Swedish

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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