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Health examinations in school health care, 6th grade

The health examinations conducted by school public health nurses in conjunction with the transition to the upper grades consist of assessments of the children's health, growth and wellbeing as well as follow-up of earlier assessments. The nurses assess the children's general mood, adjustment to school and everyday life, and social contacts. They measure the children's height and weight, assess growth and conduct an interview, and they assess possible physical and developmental problems. As necessary the nurses consult doctors. They check the children's posture. They record information on the children's stage of puberty including the possible onset of menstrual cycles. Depending on the situation, they discuss questions related to sexual health one on one. They promote the children's health by means of health guidance, and they strengthen and support the children's and their families' resources. They update personalized wellbeing and health plans together with the children or their families. The nurses ensure that the children's health data are up to date and that the data is transferred to the school public health nurses of the upper grades together with the children and their guardians.

Other grades

Start class: Extensive health examinations in 1st grade. Children's needs for further support are investigated by a multidisciplinary working group, and the organizer of education assesses the children's future form of education.

Preparatory class: The health examination programme complying with the children's grade levels is applied. Please note the internal City of Helsinki agreements concerning immigrants. Health examinations for immigrants. Permanent rules: Rights of immigrants for care, charges and reimbursements.

Other special-group students (students in extended compulsory education, students in multiple types of education, EHA education, home schooling, and other): The health examination programme complying with the children's and students' grade levels is applied.


School children, students

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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