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Health examinations at schools

Health examinations at schools are examinations of children's and students' condition of health and functional capacity conducted with clinical health checks and other reliable methods. The examinations aim to promote health.

Health examinations are conducted to examine the growth, development and wellbeing of children and students depending on their age and individual needs. The examinations are conducted with clinical health checks and other methods as necessary. The wellbeing of families is examined by interviews. The wishes and opinions of the examinees must be explored and taken into account in a manner required by the examinees' developmental levels.

Cooperation with children, young people and families, as well as with schools as part of student care, is important to recognize special needs and to organize support in case of special needs. Health examinations seek to identify those children and young people who may need intensified monitoring in the future.

School public health nurses meet with students once a year. Regular health examinations are organized for all students in a predefined age group, grade or other category. The goal is to put all children, young people and families in equal positions in health and wellbeing monitoring. Health examinations are conducted to assess students' health, growth, development and wellbeing according to their age and individual needs and with regard to their families. Health examinations focus on support for students' own resources, health promotion and identifying students' strengths. They are used to prevent potential health problems and to provide health information. Health examinations are conducted utilizing previous health data and information obtained from parents, teachers and student care teams.

In addition to health examinations, students are met according to their individual needs. Health care workers have the opportunity to meet with children, young people and families flexibly according to the workers' concerns. In addition, children, young people and families have the opportunity to make appointments according to their individual needs and life situations.


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