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Youth Station services

The purpose is to review substance abuse and its related risks, assess the need for psychosocial support, compile a plan for outpatient care, implement substance abuse rehabilitation and, if necessary, steer the patient to institutional rehabilitation.

The methods used include, for example, substance abuse assessments (e.g. EuroADAD), supportive treatment discussions, family therapy, networking and medical treatment. The treatment of minors is executed in cooperation with their parents and, if necessary, child welfare services and the school. The objective of the treatment is to support the young person and the parents in a substance-free way of life and treat any acute substance abuse problems. Additionally, young people who have grown up in families with substance abuse problems may become the Youth Station's customers.

For some of the customers, the main problem is an Internet addiction or online gaming addiction. For these patients, the workers can carry out an initial assessment of gaming addiction, offer service guidance and use cognitive work methods when working with them.

An individual treatment agreement is compiled after the need for treatment has been assessed. The treatment service selection covers both individual and family work as well as 2 to 3 annual, closed peer support groups for the young people and their parents/close relatives. The outpatient rehabilitation may include a supervised substance screening.

The service attempts to steer the young people that are in poorest condition mentally to the psychiatric services. The treatment needs of patients referred to the Youth Station by the psychiatric services must be reviewed and evaluated carefully so that the young customer may receive the necessary, appropriate help.


Suitable customers are 13 to 23-year-old Helsinki residents, who have problems with substance abuse or mood disorders, and their families. Support is also offered for online and gambling addictions. We aim to organise the necessary support for the close relatives. A multidisciplinary social services and health care workgroup operates in the units. The customer relationship with the Youth Station is voluntary.

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Finnish, Swedish

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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