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Assisted living for people with multiple illnesses

Residents live in furnished rooms for 1-2 people, and can also bring their own furniture and items with them. Residence typically lasts for several years.

The resident's ability to function physically, mentally and socially is supported with sheltered housing services.

The aim for assisted living is to provide safety and stability for the resident. Residents feel accepted, and the services provided are professional and take into consideration the different needs of residents. One of the main goals of the services is to help residents handle everyday matters, such as regular nutrition and rest, taking care of themselves and their health, as well as financial matters, as well as possible. In addition to providing the functional principles and framework, the staff are capable and trained to deal with new challenges.

Assisted living also provides activities and recreational opportunities, such as excursions, parties, special day celebrations, visits, gym activities, diverse work activities, reading books and magazines, watching films and following different events.


Those aged under 65 with multiple illnesses, who may have physical or mental disabilities, physical illnesses or a history of substance abuse, for example, and who need support and care in regard to everyday tasks, such as bathing, eating, taking medication, running errands and housekeeping.

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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