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Short-term placement into a temporary foster family

Temporary foster families provide children with short-term family care. During the placement, work is carried out towards changing the situation of the child for the better.

If necessary, a child can be placed in short-term care, out of the child's own home, into a temporary foster family. A decision concerning the child's placement is made by the social worker in charge of the child's case. The purpose of the service is to provide family care that fulfils the individual needs of the child, in cooperation with the child's family and other potential members of the child's close community.

In addition, during the placement in a temporary foster family, an assessment and a continuance plan, which concentrate on the child's needs, will be compiled together. During the placement, the child and his or her family will be supported to work together, in order to find solutions on how to change the situation. The principle for the assessment and the plan are the child's benefit and his or her individual needs. The social worker in charge of the case, family workers and employees from the temporary foster family operations, as well as other possible authorities, will take part in close cooperation with the child, parents and possible other people close to the child.

The temporary foster families are located in Helsinki or its neighbouring municipalities and offer short-term placements for children. The foster families have been trained for their position and they work as a part of the Child Welfare Services of the Helsinki's Department of Social Services and Health Care. In a temporary foster family, the child receives care from an adult in a home environment. Families may specialise in taking care of babies, toddlers or school-age children. A temporary foster family may have places for 1 to 3 children. The family carers are committed to professional secrecy.


A social worker from non-institutional care and a worker from temporary foster family operations assess together, based on the available information, on whether the child can be placed into a temporary foster family. The social worker in charge of the placement will make the decision, in accordance with Section 37 or Section 38 of the Child Welfare Act.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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