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Volunteer activities in resident houses

Voluntary work is a preventative activity that completes the services, instead of replacing them.

Voluntary operations are guided by the basic principles of voluntary and friendship work:
- with the skills of a common person, unpaid, based on the receiver's needs and managed by professionals.

The group accident insurance of the voluntary workers is valid during the voluntary assignment and while travelling to and from the location.

The activities are free of charge for the voluntary worker and those receiving help or support through the activities.

Orientation discussion with the director of voluntary operations is held, when starting the work
- The most suitable activity for you is decided together.
- You can take part in the operations whenever you have the time, for example, once a month.contac


No special knowledge or skills are required to take part in the activities.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

Related service points and contact information:


The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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