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Mother tongue and home language instruction

There is an aim to give the pupil mother tongue or home language (oma äidinkieli tai kotikieli) instruction. Instruction is organised based on registration.

The pupil will register for their own mother tongue instruction when they enrol in school or the 7th grade. The registration can also be done at other times. There is a separate form for this. You can get the form from the school or the Forms page of the Education Sector's website.

Applying for own mother tongue instruction is voluntary, but if a pupil has registered for a group they are supposed to attend the lessons. The pupil's own school will give them the timetable. A separate transcript will be given for mother tongue instruction.
There are approximately 40 language options available. The minimum size for an instruction group is 10 pupils. With bigger language groups, the instruction can take place at the children's own school, but usually pupils need to go to another school for these lessons.


Pupils in the City of Helsinki's schools or contract schools can register for this instruction, if:

- their mother tongue is not Finnish or Swedish
- their home language is not Finnish or Swedish.

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