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Voluntary work at Service Centres

As a volunteer you have the opportunity to meet new people, gain new experiences and spend your time on a meaningful activity, as well as benefiting others.

No special knowledge or skills are required to take part in volunteer activities. A City employee will always be available to support you.

Voluntary work is unpaid, and no fees are charged to participants, however this does not include any potential travel costs.

If you wish to become a volunteer, please contact your local Service Centre's volunteer work instructor.

We will invite you to come in for a visit. With the instructor, you can discuss the kinds of activities you would be interested in, and where you would like to start. You will be familiarised with the principles and tasks of volunteer work and the operating practices of the unit in question. You can partake in voluntary work as much or as little as you feel able to, and to the extent allowed for by your schedule and life situation.

Additional training, recreation activities and joint meetings are organised for volunteers.

As a volunteer you are insured under a group accident insurance policy, which is valid during the volunteer work activities as well as whilst travelling to and from the location.

At the Service Centres you can, for example:
- assist with groups, canteens, events or excursions
- participate in events
- lead a hobby group
- assist with customer guidance
- accompany customers to groups and events.

This service is available at all Service Centres.


This service is intended for all those who are interested in volunteering.

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