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Assessing service needs, services for the elderly

The comprehensive assessment of an elderly person's service needs must be done together with the customer and, if necessary, with the customer's relative, close friend or a guardian appointed to the customer.

The assessment is carried out by a worker with comprehensive experience and the relevant competence of a social welfare and healthcare professional.

When assessing the service needs, the physical, cognitive, mental and social abilities of the elderly person must be assessed comprehensively, with the help of reliable tools. In addition, the accessibility of the surroundings, safety of living and the availability of local services must be assessed.

A personal plan is drafted for the customer, which defines the service package necessary for supporting the functional abilities and ensuring good care for the customer. Options are discussed with the elderly person.

The assessment of service needs can be requested through the Senior Info's telephone service Mon-Fri 9-15, tel. 09 3104 4556.


The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

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The Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division

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