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Morning care for children in parks

Short-term care in parks during the morning hours before noon is available for children under school age.

Morning care in parks is meant for children under school age. The primary purpose of the activities is to provide short-term care for children in the morning hours before noon.

The activities include supervised singing, play and physical exercise in parks. Children can play according to their interests. As necessary, the child care providers help and supervise children in their play.

Depending on the park, the activities can include puppet theatre, ball games, water games, drawing and painting.

Morning child care in parks is a private activity, although some of the care providers work in parks subordinate to the Education division.

All morning park activities take place outdoors. Activities are cancelled if the temperature drops below -12 degrees Celsius.

The service is purchased directly from child care providers. Care providers determine their fees independently.


The service is meant for children under school age.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

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Education Division, Helsinki

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