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Language courses for immigrant parents

You can apply for the courses if
- you live in Helsinki
- you are caring for your child at home
- your child is older than 10 months but under 3 years old when the course begins.
- you want to learn Finnish

While you are studying Finnish, a childcare worker will take care of your child near the course location. The course and childcare are free.

The course levels vary from the basic reading and writing courses to upper intermediate level (ylempi keskitaso). Courses are organised around Helsinki.

Courses usually last for one school year. New courses begin in September and January. Teaching takes place 2-4 times per week, depending on the course. All courses are organised during daytime. Usually the classes last 2.5 hours at a time.

Register for courses by filling out an application or on the course's own website. You can fill out online course applications at any point during the year.

A teacher will choose the most suitable course for you, based on your initial test. Teachers organise these tests twice a year, in spring and autumn, before the new courses begin.

The training provider is Helsinki Adult education centre (Helsingin suomenkielinen työväenopisto). The playground staff will take care of your children.


The courses are intended for parents of children between the ages of 10 months and 3 years that live in Helsinki and get child home care allowance (kotihoidontuki).

Most of the courses begin in early September and end in late May.

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