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Children's homes

The purpose of care in children's home is to provide the placed children with a safe and inspiring growth environment, as well as balanced and diverse development. Living in a children's home may be temporary or long-term. The duration of the placement depends on the children's needs and the situation of the whole family. Some children's homes also have their own schools.

A children's home is a community of children, young people and adults, where trained and competent personnel take care of the children and their upbringing. The personnel ensures that the children's home is a safe and pleasant environment.

The basic needs and wellbeing of the children are looked after in the children's home, including a regular daily rhythm, meals and sufficient and peaceful sleep. During the child's stay at the children's home, his or her schooling is ensured and other support is arranged as necessary. There are always adults to whom the child can go. The child also has an appointed adult, who will primarily take care of the child's business and will assist him or her in all matters.

When the placement at the children's home starts, a care and growth plan will be compiled for the child. It defines the objectives of the work and the cooperation with the child's close network.


Children of various ages live in children's home, when they, for one reason or another, cannot live at home with their parents. Cooperation with the social worker from the community care of child welfare services is required before the child can be placed into a children's home. The placement will be carried out when the support measures of community care are not sufficient in order to secure the safe growth and development of the child.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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