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Emergency health centres for adults

Emergency health centres for adults treat serious illnesses and patients in need for emergency care aged 16 and older when their own health stations are closed.

Patients are examined at emergency health centres in the order of emergency rather than in the order of admittance. The patients' needs for care are assessed by a nurse at registration, and the patients are referred by the nurse to a hospital doctor, an emergency health centre doctor or an emergency nurse.

Emergency health centres for adults operate at the Haartman and Malm Hospitals. Patients are directed to either one on the basis of their home address.

Malmi emergency primarily takes care of citizens who live in Eastern, South-Eastern, North-Eastern and Northern Helsinki.

Haartman emergency primarily takes care of citizens who live in Southern, inner and Western Helsinki.

On working days 16:00-8:00, weekends and public holidays patients' can also go to Jorvi hospital in Espoo or Peijas hospital in Vantaa.

Are you not sure if you need emergency care or do you need information about health care services or advice in health problems, please call the Medical Helpline 116 117.


Aged 16 and older

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Open Mon-Fri 16-22, Sat-Sun 08-22.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish, English

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Contact info and service points:


HUS Hospital District

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