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School transport

Comprehensive school pupils may be provided with tickets for Helsinki City Transport by way of transport assistance, provided that their one-way journey from home to school is at least 2 kilometres in forms 1-6 or at least 3 kilometres in forms 7-10. The distance to school means the shortest route commonly used by pedestrians, which is measured from the school gate to the border of the pupil's home. The measurement is made using the ReittiGIS application.

School transportation subsidy will generally only be granted for travel to school within each pupil's own catchment area.

School transportation subsidy is also available to those pupils admitted to language immersion or focus education through aptitude tests. For pupils at Finnish-language schools, transportation subsidies are also available for the purpose of studying less common A1 languages (German, Swedish, French, Russian) and at Swedish-language schools for studies in less common A2 languages (German, French) or less common B languages (Latin, Russian). School transportation subsidies are also available for pupils in special education.

Pupils are given tickets for Helsinki City Transport for school transport purposes.

Private schools are by themselves accountable for the school transport of their pupils.

Students at upper secondary schools and vocational institutions pay their own transport costs, but they may receive financial support to cover their fares.

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Finnish, Swedish

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Education Division

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