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Initial vocational education

Studies in vocational education institutions may lead to initial vocational qualifications, vocational qualifications or specialist vocational qualifications. The scope of studies for all initial qualifications is 120 credits, usually completed in three years. The qualifications lead to a vocation. After earning a qualification, students may seek employment or continue their studies at a higher education institution.

Initial vocational studies focus on the learning of practical skills. Initial vocational studies always include at least 20 credits of on-the-job learning at workplaces.

You can apply for initial vocational education meant for young people through the joint application system.

Initial vocational qualifications may also be earned though apprenticeship training. In Helsinki, apprenticeship training is organised by the Apprenticeship Training Office of the Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute.

The City of Helsinki organises initial vocational education through the Helsinki Vocational College.

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