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Psychiatric outpatient clinics

Psychiatry outpatient clinics offer counselling and psychiatric examination, care and rehahabilitation.

Care at a clinic always begins with examination and assessment visits. Patients receive a care recommendation after the visits, or care is continued at the psychiatric outpatient clinic.

The types of care provided by psychiatric outpatient clinics are family and network therapy, individual therapy, various types of group therapy, occupational therapy and medical treatment. Therapies are planned, and completed therapies are assessed together with patients at regular intervals.

An acute working group operates at every psychiatry outpatient clinic for emergency psychiatric treatment. The acute working group can be sought in situations where the patient suffers from serious psychiatric symptoms, such as suicidal thoughts, psychotic symptoms or a threat of such, or severe depression, or they are in the middle of a serious life crisis with mental symptoms.


Age: 18 or over
Treatment can be sought via referral from a doctor or by calling the acute working group directly. The acute working group can also be contacted by a family member or a friend of the patient.
The services are free of charge to the patient. Missed appointments are subject to a fee.

On weekdays, evening appointments one day a week.
The acute working group services are available during the opening hours of the psychiatric outpatient clinic.
Patients already being treated by the psychiatric outpatient clinic can seek an urgent psychiatric appointment without prior appointment from Monday to Friday between 10 and 10.30 am.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Contact info and service points:

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