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Rehabilitation of frontline veterans

The rehabilitation of frontline veterans is carried out through funds allocated by the state. The rehabilitation of frontline veterans can be applied for by a veteran, who has been granted a frontline soldier, frontline service or frontline badge.

Inpatient rehabilitation is carried out in the rehabilitation institutes approved by the State Treasury. The spouse of a frontline veteran can also participate in the inpatient rehabilitation, in the same institute and at the same time with the veteran.

Outpatient and day rehabilitation is provided in the care institutes chosen by the city. Outpatient rehabilitation may include foot care, if the care facility is able to provide it.

The rehabilitation services are applied for with the Rehabilitation Application Form of Frontline Veterans, which are provided by health stations or veteran associations. An assessment that is less than a year old can be attached to the application as a doctor's statement.

Veteran Ombudsman

Leila Kytölä
Telephone: 09 3105 0513
Can be best reached on Mon - Fri 9 - 14


The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Contact info and service points:


The Helsinki Group
Social Services and Health Care Division

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