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Occupational therapy services

Occupational therapy is a form of rehabilitation that is based on the client's needs and takes life's different aspects into account comprehensively. Occupational therapy can be beneficial if a person's ability to function has deteriorated, their everyday activities are out of balance or they require advice and guidance on rehabilitation. In occupational therapy, the goals and the means to achieve them are determined in collaboration with the client and the occupational therapy that follows will be based on these.

Children's occupational therapy is provided to assess a child's skills in various developmental areas and their ability to function in everyday life. Plans for any supportive measures needed to assist with the child's ability to function are made together with the child, their parents and the surrounding environment, based on the assessment. Children's occupational therapy, see section 'More information' on this page.

How can I access occupational therapy?

Access to occupational therapy depends on which services the client is covered by. A client can get a referral either from a health station, geriatric outpatient clinic or hospital. The home care occupational therapy services are available through the client's own home care. Clients of disability services can discuss their need for occupational therapy assessment with their own social worker. Family carers can contact a Occupational therapist on Tuesdays at 8: 30-10, tel. 09 3107 5217.
Once an occupational therapist has received a referral, they will contact the client in order to make an appointment. Occupational therapy is free of charge for residents of Helsinki.

If you have questions or would like a visit with an occupational therapist, you can call the occupational therapy advice number 09 310 322 49 on Tuesdays from 16 to 17: 30.

What type of activities can occupational therapy entail?

Occupational therapy is conducted either within the client's own environment, at a reception unit or a hospital. The purpose of occupational therapy is to allow for the client to participate in everyday activities that are meaningful to them, regardless of disabilities.

Occupational therapy may include a personal assessment of the individual's ability to function, an assessment of their need for assistive devices or alterations to their housing solution, an assessment of their need for an orthosis and the production of this orthosis, or a service need assessment, among other things.

In order to increase the number of activity options, a person can use occupational therapy, for example, to practise activities involving self-care, home life, public services and social participation, or to improve the functioning of an upper limb, and the therapist can provide the client and their family with advice and guidance.

An occupational therapist works in collaboration with a client's friends and family, as well as with other professionals.


The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

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