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Home care

Home care services support customers living at home in the daily functions that they cannot manage by themselves. Home care services support customers living at home in the daily functions that they cannot manage by themselves. Such functions include eating, bathing, dressing, getting up from the bed or a chair, walking and toilet visits.

Home care customers can also receive health care and medical treatment in their homes if these services cannot be reasonably organized in any other way.

Home care customers receive personalized service and care plans in which home care services are defined together with the customers and their families or others close to them. The plans also determine the customers' possibilities to use private services and the possibilities of family members and others to provide help. Service and care plans are re-assessed at regular intervals and as necessary.

Moreover, physical activity plans are drafted together with customers aimed at maintaining and improving their strength.

Meals are usually organized through a meal service. Shopping is arranged through a home delivery service. Home care workers go shopping for customers only as an exception.

Cleaning services are organized for low-income customers whose functional capacity has weakened significantly. Customers who need daily home care can receive cleaning help from home care workers at maintenance level. Customers and their families are advised to use the domestic services tax write-off when buying private cleaning services.

Customers with poor possibilities to bathe can receive a sauna service. Laundry services are discussed and agreed on when service and care plans are prepared. Customers can be provided with medical alert telephones that can be used to summon help 24 hours. Medical alert telephones provided as part of home care are dependent on income.

Accompanying services and help in errands can be requested from voluntary organizations and the church, and in exceptional situations also from the home care services unit.

Multidisciplinary home care teams can assist customers in other services as need be (for example, day activities and short-term care). The monthly fees charged for home care are determined according to the amount of services provided, the gross income of the customers' households and the size of their families. Home care support services are also charged.


Aged 18 and older

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Available languages:

Finnish, Swedish

Contact info and service points:

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Social Services and Health Care Division

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